The “Big Sit:

The state-wide bird-counting competition known as the “Great Texas Birding Classic,” sponsored by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department is coming to the I-20 Wildlife Preserve. We invite y'all to spend the day, or part of the day, helping us count birds.

This is the second year the I-20 Wildlife Preserve has sponsored a “Big Sit” birding team. Last year, our team spotted 58 species – including Black-necked Stilt, Common Nighthawk and Bullock’s Oriole – during our 14-hour “sit.”

It's easy to do – and it's fun. Here’s how it works: We set up a 17-foot circle and count the species we hear and see.

Bring your friends, neighbors and family (and your camera)! Don't know much about birds? No problem! If you’ve got binoculars, bring them. If not, we’ll share ours with you. Everyone is invited – bird expert, beginner, or in between — all skill levels, interest levels, and ages are welcome and encouraged!

The goal of the event is to raise funds for bird conservation and education projects.

I-20 Wildlife Preserve at 2201 West Midland Drive, Midland TX

Local birders from the Midland Naturalists, and I-20 staff and volunteers will show how to do it.

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